Renovation Contractors

Bucks and Montgomery Counties contain a great amount our great countries history within their architecture. We at King Builders understand conserving these homes and restoring them to their original beauty. As a design-build firm we are able to help our customer’s make their visions for their renovation a reality. Renovating a home of this age and importance is not an easy task, and should be left up to the professionals with the knowledge and skill to complete this task with utmost craftsmanship and quality. Please call us today 215-795-0890 to meet with Tom for your FREE estimate. Please visit our Houzz page to learn more about us. Watch our video to see an example¬†of the fine craftsmanship King Builders has to offer you.


he home featured in this video was originally a grist mill located in beautiful Buckingham, PA that was transformed into this gorgeous home. The owner had collected many of the pieces in this home and asked King Builders to incorporate them into the home’s design. Including the tiles, stained glass, windows, doors, shelves, etc.

King Builders is more then happy to listen to our customers renovation ideas for their home and make sure that their vision is applied to the home. We understand that for some it harder to imagine what the finished project will look like then it is for others. We will help with this process in every way we can.

Historic renovation projects require a skilled hand, high-quality craftsmanship, and a precise understanding of the materials being worked with to achieve the homeowners visual goal while maintaining the historical integrity of the home. Often times these structures are hundreds of years old, and therefore it especially important to make sure that you are working with a contractor that has experience with these types of projects.